Тульский спортивный клуб эстетической гимнастики

The history of the Sport Club «ROXETT». part.1

In October 2002 the first team of the aesthetic gymnastics which was by chance called "Roxett" was organized in Tula. The team was consisting mostly of gymnasts, masters of the sport and candidates to masters of the sport on artistic rhythmic gymnastics. For one year of existence the team had taken part in many all-Russian and international competitions.

At April 2003 in Rostov-on-Don the first Cup of Russia was organized. 15 teams have taken part in the competition from 10 regions of Russia. Tula teams competed successfully, senior team occupied 3rd placed, and received the possibility to introduce Russia in the World Championship. The junior team occupied the second place and had got the opportunity to take part in the International tournament in Finland.

After the participation in the First Cup of the Russia it was taken decision to give to the club the official status. And at May 2003 Tula Sport Club “ROXETT» was officially registered as the public organization.

The First for our team World Championship was in Graz (Austria) in May, 2003. 35 teams from 11 countries came to the «European capital of the culture».
The Club "Roxett» occupied 6th place and was included into number of the strongest teams of the world.

Then the preparation to new season began. Svetlana Shishkina, the dancer of State Ballet “Moscow”, was invited to Tula to create a new program.
It was the first time in the history of Russian Aesthetic gymnastics when the professional choreographer worked with the team.



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