Тульский спортивный клуб эстетической гимнастики
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Yurina Inna Sergeevna

Date of birth – 02.07.1978

The choreographer of the Sport club «ROXETT»

Inna graduated with a first-class honors degree Tula regional college of culture and art in 1999, is assigned a specialization of the teacher — choreographer.

In 2011 had got the red diploma of the Moscow State University Culture and art, with the qualification an artistic leader of the choreographic group.

Inna Works in Tula Regional philharmonic by actress of the ballet «Vizavi», in Tula Regional College of culture and art by a teacher of choreographic discipline.

In Sport club «ROXETT» Inna has been worked since 2006 as a choreographer, conducts the classes on classical, modern and folk choreography with all leading teams of the club.


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